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Want to be a better leader? Industry experts reveal their secrets

Being humble, tolerant and innovative are the three main qualities that professionals believe are key to becoming a successful leader, according to GISMA Business School. Some of the UK’s most successful business leaders were interviewed to find out what they believed the best leadership qualities to be. Those questioned by GISMA shared that, in their experience, the top five…

Paul Heilbronner: How to manage multicultural teams

A generation ago, most organisations employed a workforce that was representative of their geography. Today, the world is much smaller – we live in a global economy that is supported by ever-evolving technology which means a multicultural workforce is more common than not. Thankfully. Diversity in the workplace can be explored from several perspectives. Some…

Tim Boote: The guide to interim managers – When to bring one in and hiring right first time

There has been much talk about the ‘gig economy’ – an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. However, ‘gig’ working is nothing new. Organisations have been hiring interim professionals on temporary contracts for years now, and as short-term deliverers of a service, they are well-placed to be part of the ‘gig economy’.