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Internship controversially sold at auction for $10,000

The listing of a two-week internship at a charity auction – that sold for $10,000 – has prompted an avalanche of criticism. The notion of someone paying an exorbitant sum in order to work for free for an organisation has also been labeled as exploitation.

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Robert Leeming: Are internships making the UK’s creative industry a middle class only affair?

An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. That has always been the adage that has kept the wheels of capitalism turning for generations. If you mentioned the notion of working for free to anyone from an older generation, they would find the idea abhorrent. They would slam the notion as exploitation, as not the way that things are supposed to work. And they would be right.

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Dupsy Abiola: Internships should help broaden perspectives

Dupsy Abiola is a changemaker, a restless spirit, who sees problems and then attempts to solve them. After watching her sister struggle to find work after university, she quit her job in order to build Intern Avenue, a platform that assists entry level talent find jobs in business.

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