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Indian workforce figures stand in stark contrast to Davies gender equality numbers

If you found the figures released with Lord Davies’s final report into gender equality in Britain’s top boardrooms yesterday slightly dispiriting (only 25% of top boardroom positions are filled by women? Surely that should be 25% higher?) then consider for a moment the situation in India.

Sustainability is key to business success, say top Indian CEO’s

Two thirds of CEOs of Indian companies say that sustainability is very important to the future success of their business, but less than half (44 percent) think business is making sufficient efforts to address global sustainability challenges, according to a new report published today by Global Compact Network India (GCNI) and Accenture (NYSE: ACN). The…

India to get IT jobs from UK benefits system

Hundreds of IT jobs associated with the government’s benefits system overhaul are being sent to India, it has been reported. But these jobs are new and are therefore not being offshored, the government has said. Universal credit, which is set to replace child tax credits, housing benefits, jobseekers allowance, working tax credit and more, is…