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The stiff upper lip lives on – half of Brits never call in sick for work, says survey

New research from Monster.co.uk has revealed that half of Brits (49 percent) have never called in sick to work, with only a quarter (27 percent) admitting to having taken just one day off in their current job or most recent job. This follows a warning by MPs earlier this year that employees are under increasing pressure not to take sick leave when they’re ill.

A survey by National Accident Helpline has revealed some worrying statistics about the UK’s working population and their tendency to work when unwell. 89 percent of British workers in a new survey admitted to dragging themselves out of their sickbeds to go to work, with over half (53 percent) having taken no sick days in the last six months.

Professor Gordon Wishart: How cancer will affect your business – and what you can do about it

Cancer is predicted to affect one in two people at some point in their lifetime by 2020, which means a significant likelihood that it will impact upon employees and businesses. Dr Gordon Wishart explains how to deal with the implications for your workforce.

Over a third of employers have noticed an improvement in absence rates

New research from Group Risk Development (GRiD), the trade body for the group risk industry, suggests that more than a third (34%) of UK employers have seen their absence rates improve over the last 12 months in comparison with only 16% who said their absence rates have worsened. UK employers have echoed the sentiment of…

Employee wellness will soon be formally measured and reported on

Three quarters of HR directors (75%) predict that employee wellness will be formally measured and reported on by 2018, according to the Flux Report by talent management specialist Right Management. This represents a significant shift in organisational attitudes, as currently as many as four in ten senior HR directors regard wellness activity as an ‘employee…

Saracens and Sanlam Private Investments launch fitness guide for office workers

British office workers spend the equivalent of five years of their lives sat at their desk without getting up according to new research. That equates to nearly five hours a day sitting at a desk without moving, which is almost 24 continuous hours a week and around 45 days a year. The independent research among…

People who have been bereaved should not be isolated, says Joe Levenson

You work for both the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) and the Dying Matters Coalition. Can you briefly describe the roles these organisations have? The NCPC is an umbrella organisation, which works on behalf of organisations involved in providing end of life care, so it might be hospices or other end of life care…