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Employee wellbeing high on HR agenda

A desire to provide support to all staff, encourage employee engagement and reduce absence has put employee wellbeing high on the agenda for HR in 2019, new research finds*. More than half of employers (54 per cent) run informal employee wellbeing initiatives, while one-in-five (22 per cent) has a formal programme in place. The majority…

Wellbeing of staff returning from overseas assignments is being overlooked, says research

The Health Insurance Group are urging employers to think just as much about caring for employees and their families whilst they are preparing for, and returning from, an overseas assignment, as they do when an employee first relocates for an assignment.

UK sickness rates at record low

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a steady rise in the breadth and depth of health and wellbeing programmes in the workplace. Our attention is now not so ergonomic-centric, and instead many HR professionals are looking into how mental health affects our employees at work. But just how many days do we lose to employee absences per year?

Ruane Bioenergetics innovative course helps employees cope with stress

Paula Ruane started Ruane Bioenergetics back in 2012, after spending many years working on self-orchestrated projects to help people find a way to be able to cope with the inevitable stresses of day-to-day life. She has succeeded in creating a system that auspiciously targets the health problems that occupy so many people in today’s world of work.…