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Sir Nigel Knowles global co-chairman of DLA Piper talks gender equality and restoring faith in business

Sir Nigel Knowles is Global Co-Chairman of DLA Piper. Sir Nigel has been the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth, taking the firm from its UK regional origins to the global business it is today. HRreview met up with him at last month’s Balanced Business Forum to talk about a wide range of issues from gender equality to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace. We also discussed how business and government can win back each other’s trust in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Indian workforce figures stand in stark contrast to Davies gender equality numbers

If you found the figures released with Lord Davies’s final report into gender equality in Britain’s top boardrooms yesterday slightly dispiriting (only 25% of top boardroom positions are filled by women? Surely that should be 25% higher?) then consider for a moment the situation in India.