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Husayn Kassai: How to stay on top in HR in 2016

Remote working tools, a rise in the number of people freelancing and a desire for a better work-life balance have all contributed to the end of the classic nine-to-five culture, especially amongst millennials. With so much evolution and revolution, HR professionals have never had so much to consider or stay on top of.

HR not convinced about ‘portfolio workers’

Sixty-three per cent of business leaders believe that portfolio workers will gain mainstream commercial acceptance within the next ten years.  Yet, those responsible for hiring them – in HR – are less convinced, with just 50 percent suggesting portfolio workers will be an acceptable face in business. KPMG’s survey researched attitudes towards portfolio workers, which…

A third of employees who work flexibly feel resentment from colleagues

A third of employees feel there is stigma or resentment from work colleagues around flexible working, according to new research by Netmums and the Family and Childcare Trust. The research has been published to launch Family Friendly UK, a scheme by the Family and Childcare Trust that supports organisations to become more family friendly. The…