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Darren Maw: How the Labour leadership contest will change HR

Two months ago, a huge political event caused debate around employment laws and the EU’s influence on them. In the politically tumultuous weeks that followed the referendum, a new campaign has cast worker’s rights back into the spotlight. The Labour leadership contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith is a battle for the support of the left-wing and trade unions, with much of the campaigning focused on bolstering employee and trade union rights.

Darren Maw: The impact of Brexit on employment issues,the vista debate

If on 23rd June Britain votes for Brexit, we will cease to share both the benefits and burdens of EU legislation in the workplace. In front of an audience of senior HR professionals from some of the UK’s biggest employers, the cases for and against were debated at Vista’s “Ten Amendments” regular employment update event…

European businesses unprepared for Digital Single Market launch

The overwhelming majority of businesses across Europe (92 percent) admit they are not ready for the introduction of the EU Digital Single Market, according to new research commissioned by Ricoh Europe. The Digital Single Market is set to be the most game-changing European regulation this decade, yet millions of businesses currently stand to miss out on its benefits and let an estimated €415bn contribution to the European economy pass them by.