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Capping immigration levels “a blunt instrument”

An expert from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has said that a blanket cap on immigration will deprive the UK of workers with skills that may be in demand in the future.While Les Berridge, spokesperson for the...

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Blacklisting union members outlawed

It is now unlawful for trade union members to be denied employment through blacklists, under new regulations that come into effect today. To prevent employers from blacklisting workers for their trade union membership or...

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Will online screening soon be used in recruitment?

In the future, employers may turn to online sources to screen potential employees ahead of the recruitment process, it has been claimed. Indeed, HR managers are increasingly using online profiles on social networking sites to...

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Over half Eastern European workers return home

The Equality & Human Rights Commission has published the first comprehensive report looking at the skills and employment patterns of Britain’s eastern European migrants. The UK’s New Europeans Report found that...

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EAS Teaches Non-Compliant Agencies A Lesson

Thirty-eight agencies, in the teaching and childcare sectors, have been issued with warnings by the Employment Agency Standards inspectorate (EAS) for failing to comply with the law. Eleven agencies were not following the...

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Eight illegal Israeli workers removed from the UK

Eight Israeli illegal workers have been removed from the UK after they were caught selling hair and beauty products to Christmas shoppers at Cribbs Causeway. We will not turn a blind eye to foreign nationals working in the UK...

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Video Focus: Employing Non-UK Nationals

HRreview has compiled a selection of interesting videos focussed on emplying and vetting non-UK nationals, including:
The Point’s Based System: A comprehensive guide to the UK’s new system for those wanting to live and work in the UK
The UK Boarder Agency: the new UK Border Agency is working to strengthen the country’s borders, overseeing immigration, customs and citizenship.

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