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Majority of employees could be convinced to cycle to work with employer support

A new survey carried out by benefits provider Edenred shows that six in ten employees would consider cycling to work if they had better support from their employer. A key barrier to commuting by bike is the lack of basic facilties in the workplace, such as somewhere to change, acces to a hairdryer or a place to keep their bike safely.

Acas urges employers to stamp out legal highs with disciplinary procedures

Legal highs imitate the effects of illegal drugs when consumed but are not actually illegal themselves, although some are thought to be just as dangerous and damaging. They are also known as psychoactive substances. Last year there were 129 deaths in England, Scotland and Wales due to legal highs.

Digital skills remain a struggle for some, say recruiters

Almost a quarter workers in the UK, equating to 12.6 million people, do not have at least one of five digital skills deemed crucial by digital skills charity Go ON UK. The recently released Basic Digital Skills UK report, mentions managing information, communicating, transacting, problem solving and creating basic digital content as the necessary skills to have.