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Peter Linas: How recruiters can engage millennials and post-millennials

What are the reasons why millennials and post-millennials are seemingly the most challenging to recruit? Peter Linas argues that, despite the common stereotype that people this age would be easier to reach through their use of tech, this could be simultaneously part of the problem.

Phil Owers: It’s dangerous not to align employee experiences with your external brand

A cool external brand image can sometimes be the wrong bait to cast when you’re looking for new employees.
Before a candidate even considers the position on offer, the prospect of adding such a prestigious name to their CV and the anticipation of belonging to this environment will already have appeal.

Alicia Garibaldi: Employer branding for dummies: engaging your employees

In this extract from the recently released Employer Branding For Dummies, written by Alicia Garibaldi and co-published by Glassdoor and Wiley, she highlights the role your employees play in your recruitment in today’s marketplace. When job seekers consider whether or not to apply at a given company, they seek out information provided by current and former…