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Dr Yousef Habbab: Calling HR! Better wellness for better business health

Workplace wellbeing is a concept which has come of age. Twenty years ago, it scarcely registered on the boardroom agenda but today, spurred on by the recession and relentless pressure of globalisation, interest in the subject has mushroomed. But what is workplace wellbeing and why should HR professionals be sitting up and taking notice?

Employers must deal with stress and mental health at work

The number of employees absent from work due to stress and mental health conditions is on the rise. Newly released government figures show the number of days lost to stress, depression and anxiety increased by 24 percent in the UK between 2009 and 2013, and in this year’s CIPD absence management survey, 40 percent of participants noticed an increase in stress-related absence and mental health problems in the past year.

Resilience least important trait in an employee, finds survey

Managers deem resilience the least important trait in employees, according to a new survey from Conference Genie, a conference calling provider. The survey, included 550 managers across a range of sectors, and looked at what factors get an employee noticed in the workplace and what makes them a ‘superstar employee’. Resilience scored the lowest with…