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Neil Penny: The workforce as a customer – what HR can learn from customer service desks

As the workplace continues to grow in complexity, HR practitioners are increasingly under pressure to improve efficiency and responsiveness. Disorganised HR support processes can have dire consequences, from employees frustrated at having their queries lost or forgotten, to huge pay outs resulting from lost tribunals and inaccurate audit trails.

Manual SAP® System Copy Drains Enterprise Efficiency

Inefficient process management costs enterprises up to £600,000 per year Redwood Software, the IT and business process automation experts, uncover research data that manually undertaking SAP® system copy is time-consuming, expensive and inefficient. SAP recommends that enterprises perform system copies to create test, demo and training systems. The process is also required for migration, disaster…

Inadequate training a barrier to employee efficiency

Training and technology upgrades are essential for a more efficient workforce. Technocrats dominate the UK workforce, but poor training, inefficient working practices and old equipment mean many are still not making the most of the technology available to them, according to specialist IT recruiter Modis. In a poll of 1000 office workers, 94% claimed they…