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Prime Minister’s apprenticeships adviser takes apprenticeships to primary schools

Nadhim Zahawi MP, has launched a scheme to raise awareness of apprenticeships at primary school level.The scheme, which has been launched at the Mayflower Primary School in London, sees apprentices from different sectors visit schools to talk to children about their apprenticeship and what it has done for them.

Cameron breathes life into Big Society – promises paid volunteering leave

David Cameron is set to revive his promise to force firms to pay staff to do voluntary work despite a disgruntled reaction from business, the Daily Mail reports. The plan, to allow 15 million workers to take three days off a year to volunteer, is a set-piece policy that Cameron hopes to deliver before he leaves office in 2020.

University or apprenticeships for all students post 16, says Cameron

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has outlined a pencil-sketch vision of an educational future  in which all post-16 students either take on an apprenticeship or go to university university. Mr Cameron told an audience at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual conference that he wanted to see “either apprenticeships or universities for almost everybody”.

New Immigration Bill means more burden on employers

The new Immigration Bill that is set to kick off this week has caused upset among legal professionals after they have hit back at the Prime Minister’s speech. They say both businesses and workers are being targeted in a negative way, with migrant workers being targeted and punished and more burden being put on businesses shoulders.

Donavan Whyte: Is saying hello to Chinese and goodbye to French really a good idea?

When it comes to language in business Chinese is important, but forgetting our European neighbours could be bad for business. David Cameron’s recent visit to China has once again put the spotlight on language learning in the UK. It isn’t the only event this year that has focused the mind on this area. The Daily…

Female quotas for Britain’s boardrooms?

Prime Minister David Cameron was lambasted for failing to rule out the introduction of female quotas into top FTSE boardrooms when speaking at the Stockholm summit yesterday. Almost exactly a year ago, Lord Davies launched his independent review into Women on Boards. His report recommended that UK listed companies in the FTSE 100 should aim…

Fitting brakes to the pay merry-go-round

It’s no longer just protesters outside St Paul’s Cathedral who want something done about high executive pay. Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken of the “excessive growth” in pay and a “failure” of the market to deal with it. He said he understood why it made “people’s blood boil”. Calls for pay reform gained traction…