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Expert talent leaders announced to speak at Symposiums leading conference

In a fast-paced, commercially driven environment, HR leaders are facing many changes that make their work more and more challenging. The wake of Brexit is only one of them. Taking a more strategic approach is crucial when dealing with new technological advancements, changing demographics and global skills shortages.

Apprenticeship system needs radical reform in order to succeed

Vocational training experts agree that the current system will not deliver the quality apprenticeships necessary. Radical reforms are needed to raise the quality of apprenticeships and ensure they are regarded as a genuine alternative to university, highlights a new report from the CIPD. The findings are based on a collection of essays written by a…

Expert speaker announced for Innovation in Recruitment Summit 2016

Ruth Penfold, Director of Talent Acquisition, Shazam will be one of the expert speakers at our Innovation in Recruitment Summit located in Kensington Close Hotel on the 22 September. Attracting the right talent and recruiting the best employees for your organisation may be difficult and challenging, particularly in the today’s market when the number of advanced jobs…