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Workplace disputes ‘can help companies’

Businesses and employees alike can benefit from workplace disputes, which can help to bring problems out into the open and force the relevant parties to engage with one another, it has been suggested.Peter Harwood from the...

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Acas predicts post-recession “workplace war”

Acas, the employment relations service, is predicting how workplace conflicts could evolve as the UK emerges from the recession in its latest discussion paper, Riding out the storm: managing conflict in a recession and beyond...

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HRDs locked up by disgruntled workers

Rising public outrage at employers has led to kidnappings, marches and strikes in France – a country with a long tradition of labor unrest. Yesterday, workers at a Caterpillar factory in Grenoble held four managers hostage...

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Employees need ‘return to work’ discussions

The Advisory, Concilation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has suggested that having an unhealthy workforce can have a serious impact on a company’s effectiveness. In light of this, Acas suggests that employers need to hold...

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