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Emma Davidson: 4 ways businesses can use CSR to boost employee engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility is not about a one-off, one-way donation. In fact, it’s becoming an increasingly important way to cultivate an engaged and loyal workforce, as studies show more and more employees want to be part of companies that make a positive impact and give back to society.

Matthew MacLachlan: The importance of ‘soft skills’ in an interconnected world

No man is an island’, the old saying goes, no one can stand alone in an increasingly interconnected world. Businesses opting to operate in different locations means that communication has to be perfected to a fine art, in order to ensure a national success doesn’t become an international failure.

David Coleman: Engagement – Fake it and it will run away

Staff engagement has become a popular boardroom topic, particularly as its influence on performance improvement and competitive advantage are now so clear. It is well known, through studies such as the McLeod report, that highly engaged teams significantly outperform their less engaged counterparts. Some of the numbers are more than eye-opening, especially as they pertain to core metrics that determine any business’s success.

Dominique Jones: Bridging the gap between staff feedback and performance management

Most organisations (60 percent) have a performance management process, yet these are widely perceived to be unfair, according to the CIPD and Halogen Autumn outlook survey 20151. Fewer than half of employees (46 percent) believe that the performance management process is very or somewhat fair, while a fifth believe that it is somewhat or very unfair. So what is going wrong? The performance management process in many organisations is a single annual event between supervisor and employee that fails to drive employee engagement, address development needs or improve future productivity.