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Working too Hard – the New British Disease?

New research has found that British workers are reluctant to take career breaks and risk ‘burn out’. ●     New international research reveals that British employees are wary of extended breaks away from work because of long-term impact on their careers despite two-thirds expressing interest in ‘Sabbaticals’ ●     More than half think it would be difficult to…

Florence Parot: To burnout, or to not burnout, that is the question

I left you in my last article with the burning question (pun intended) of how to detect the signs of potential burnout. As I mentioned last time, once in burnout, it takes 12 months to recover enough to be able to get back to work so this is no idle question. If detected beforehand, it is not just the person’s life that could feel a lot different but the whole bottom line of the company that will be affected, especially if that person is key personnel.

Florence Parot: How to avoid the dreaded burnout

A friend of mine who works in an HR managerial capacity was told last year at her performance review that she was doing amazingly well but they were a bit worried that she did not look stressed enough. Just what does that tell us about what is happening nowadays in the corporate world?  We may be talking about wellbeing at work but in reality, we still think that if someone is not buzzing around round the clock, they must be faking it.  Where are the times gone when if you were around after 5pm you were not considered efficient enough?  That is something the French used to be jealous about. In the French world, nobody has ever been finished by 5pm except civil servants. So could we be saying that nowadays the English are behaving just as badly as the French? Mince alors.

Claire Genkai, co founder of Relume Ltd, will be speaking at the Health @ Work Summit in London on the 20th June 2013. She will be discussing how to manage work life balance and burnout.    About the author Claire Genkai Breeze is a Zen Buddhist and an experienced corporate coach of 24 years, specialising in working…

Employee burnout common in a third of companies

Three out of ten (30%) UK HR directors say employee burnout is common within their organisation, according to new research from leading recruitment specialist Robert Half UK. However, this figure rises to more than a third (35%) for those in London and the South East and publicly listed companies. The issue may be particularly challenging…