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Generation X-ers found to be the best workers in the UK

With more and more focus being placed on the role of generational blocks in the workplace, there is of course a growing level of competition as to who works the hardest. Many would say it’s surely the baby-boomers with their nose-to-the-grind-stone, 9 ’till 5 attitude. But, alas, they have been pipped at the proverbial post, by the often overlooked, but highly durable, Generation X.

Flight of the baby boomers: Three quarters of UK companies predict skills shortage

UK employers are anticipating a significant skills gap when baby boomers retire over the next two to five years and are already taking steps to mitigate the risk. New research from leading recruitment specialist Robert Half UK reveals that 74 percent of finance directors are concerned that the skills gap resulting from widespread retirement of baby boomers will have a negative impact on their organisation over the next two years.  An even higher proportion (77 percent) say that the departure of older workers will have a negative impact over the next five years.

The average age of maternity staff is increasing. Last year was the first year on record that there were more than 1,000 midwives over the age of 60 working across the UK. With many due for retirement, alarm bells are starting to ring over how the NHS service will continue with such a collapse in numbers of experienced staff.

Stephanie Harper: From baby boomers to echo boomers – how do you become a talent magnet?

  Having survived leavers’ prom, a lads’ trip to Zante and T-in the Park I asked my 18 year old how long he would stay in his first job.  Ben replied he would stay until a better job came along explaining that “Ideally I would want to get enough experience and develop skills to be…

Lee Parsons: Understanding generations in your workplace

An aging population means that for the first time ever we will be seeing five generations within the workplace: traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X, Y and Z. In order to attract new talent while also retaining the old-fashioned wisdom of mature workers, employers will need to turn to ‘outside the box’ thinking to create a…

Two-thirds of employers worrying about loss of ‘baby boomer’ generation

More than two thirds (69%) of employers said they are worried about the baby boomer generation – employees born between 1946 and 1964 – leaving their workforce in the next two years, according to a new report released today by Robert Half Management Resources.  Some 22% of employers across UK businesses said they are ‘very concerned’…

Baby Boomers are being treated like they are easily disposable, says Dr. Lynda Shaw

Businesses are making the gross mistake of assuming their employees near to retiring have a sell by date, according to cognitive psychologist Dr Lynda Shaw. Shaw explains: “Instead of being recognised as the most knowledgeable, experienced members of our society, our Baby Boomers are being treated like they are easily disposable and lack any real value…