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Rachel Arkle: Mind gut connection

When we think about stress we think about our brain. For the curious amongst us, notions of anxiety and fear may conjure up images of neuroscientists sketching out the ‘fight of flight’ part of the brain, where these emotions manifest. Understanding this functioning is important, especially for those of us who want to improve our ability to think clearly and effectively.

Sir Nigel Knowles global co-chairman of DLA Piper talks gender equality and restoring faith in business

Sir Nigel Knowles is Global Co-Chairman of DLA Piper. Sir Nigel has been the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth, taking the firm from its UK regional origins to the global business it is today. HRreview met up with him at last month’s Balanced Business Forum to talk about a wide range of issues from gender equality to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace. We also discussed how business and government can win back each other’s trust in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Employers report rise in employee mental illness

Mental illness among workers is on the increase a survey of employers has discovered. The 2015 Absence Management survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that heavy workloads, management style and difficult relationships with colleagues were the principle contributing factors to the rise in stress and anxiety levels.

British workers start Mondays feeling tired, stressed and anxious

Over a third (36%) of employees in the UK start the week on Monday morning feeling tired despite the weekend break, according to a new survey of 763 people by Canada Life Group Insurance. More than one in ten (12%) describe themselves as feeling depressed, while 20% are stressed or anxious. Employee satisfaction could be…

People with disabilities seeking legal advice over workplace issues is a ‘non-stop stream

Experience is showing that people with mental health issues are in need of help with workplace problems, according to an employment lawyer. Karen Jackson, solicitor and managing partner at law employment boutique didlaw, has claimed that little progress has been made on the issue of disability discrimination due to the fact that employers are still…