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Employers given road safety reminder

Employers are being reminded of their responsibilities with regards to the safety of workers who drive as part of their job.According to the campaign group RoadSafe, companies need to take action to reduce the number of...

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Regular breaks ‘vital’ to ward off stress

It is "vital" that employees take regular breaks from their work in order to ward of stress, the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) has claimed.A spokesperson for the organisation said taking time out...

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Long-hours working ‘proves inefficient’

The culture of long-hours working or so-called "presenteeism" in the UK does not necessarily result in increased productivity, according to new research.Figures produced by Right Corecare suggest that 40 per cent of...

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Do you believe that the employees who have not been furloughed are feeling more pressure due to their additional workload?

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