The National Skills Academy for Financial Skills is hosting a week of drop-in information sessions for employers in the City as part of National Apprenticeship week (7 – 11 February). The sessions are aimed at employers who would like to learn more about apprenticeships and the advantages they can bring to their organisation.

The sessions will run between 12pm and 2pm on the 7th, 8th, 9th 10th and 11th February, where a Skills Academy adviser will be available to discuss apprenticeship schemes and how they work in the financial services industry.

Sylvia Perrins, Skills Academy CEO, said:
“We are continuing to focus on encouraging financial services employers to increase the number of apprenticeship placements offered and claim funding to run the schemes. Apprenticeships are a great solution for our industry’s needs; they are recognised as high-quality programmes that deliver excellent results for both apprentices and their employers. Apprentices are highly motivated people who are keen to learn and have the potential to become ‘managers of the future’.”

Research demonstrates that, in the majority of sectors, employers who invest in apprenticeships recoup their investment in an average of two or three years.[1]

Benefits include higher productivity, quality of work, staff retention and employee satisfaction.