WD Chase de Vere, the Independent Financial and Corporate Advisers, has launched what it believes to be the first integrated payroll and benefits online service available to the SME market.

The Company has teamed up with The Briars Group to provide a bespoke hands-on approach to managing payroll while allowing employers to improve the benefits service they provide for their staff and reduce costs.

Kate Jolly, Commercial Director, Briars Group, said:
“Encompassing payroll and benefits data under one umbrella means that processes are streamlined and there are clearer lines of communication between the employee and the HR team. This new service can also provide a substantial cost saving to the employer. A typical saving for a 100 person payroll is about £8,000 per annum.”

Jason Walker, Regional Manager, AWD Chase de Vere, said:
“We are continually looking for ways to improve our benefits proposition to SMEs to ensure we offer a market leading service and working alongside Briars helps us to achieve this.

“We look forward to developing further the quality and breadth of services that we provide to both Private and Corporate Clients, as we continue our quest to become the leading firm of Independent Financial and Corporate Advisers in the UK.”