Tackling Unconscious Bias in Recruitment – Thursday, 22nd September 2022

Elearning - Live Online Course

3 Hours - Thursday, 22nd September 2022

£299.00 ex VAT

Being able to demonstrate good Recruitment Skills and has never been more pertinent.  Surveys are being conducted by many to establish that at least 70% of teams have changed team members in the last 6 months.

That is a lot of recruitment!

Hiring bias is a reality that can occur both consciously and unconsciously. It needs to be addressed head on if we are to ensure fairness and hire the best talent.

Todays’ HR press is talking about ‘The great resignation’ … which means we have been thrown into rollercoaster of recruitment with a buoyant job market with no time to make mistakes.

Josh Bersin

Who Is the Course For?

HR business partners and members of the HR team who want to contribute more broadly to improve diversity and organisational effectiveness through hiring.

You will appreciate this session if you are an HR professional who interviews alongside managers. If you need to refresh your interview practice to take note of how bias can creep into interview processes and avoid biased decisions being made.


Why Take the Tackling Unconscious Bias in Recruitment Course?

At the end of this workshop you will :

  • Have a structured bias free process to follow
  • Understand the most common types of bias
  • Take note of how bias can creep into your decision making
  • Understand the different types of evidential interviews
  • Know what questions to ask and what evidence to seek

Interview ‘good practice’ – tips and techniques

What is the Format?

Remote live learning.  Remote live learning 

Duration: 3 hours.

The Tackling Unconscious Bias in Recruitment Course Agenda

The recruitment process and avoiding process bias

  • Right fit, right skills and best candidate
  • Process improvement
  • Set a plan for a great experience

Watch your bias

  • Common types of unconscious bias
  • Bias traps and how it affects interviews
  • Avoiding the effects of unconscious bias on decision-making

Use the four-part structure to best effect

  • Plan – prepare  – interview  – close
  • Remote interviewing tips

Knowing what to look for? The search for evidence !

  • How to elicit the evidence you require
  • Communication skills in action
  • How do you test for job fit and competence
  • CARL vs STAR : competency based questioning structures

Weighing the evidence

Make evidence-based decisions

Karen Velasco (Facilitator, trainer and executive coach)

Karen is an experienced executive coach, trainer and facilitator with a passion for helping people and organisations become the best they can be. She’s worked in a variety of HR, training, development and leadership roles for over 25 years for a range of public and private sector organisations. Her recruitment experiences spans from designing and delivering graduate recruitment strategies to recruiting board-level executives, for companies such as Microsoft, Centrica and Sopra Steria.

Karen spent nine years as a non-executive director at the University of Chichester and has recently spent ten years as a trustee of its Students Union, where she supported the leadership team on issues relating to HR and organisational change.


As preparation for the workshop, you will and complete a few questions to capture your initial reflections. This will help you maximise the potential learning available during the live session.




You will end the session with a bibliography of current reading related to the topic: Signposting to online articles and links to a variety of resources on this topic will be made available.


Yes, we deliver remotely and we also cover contemporary interviewing techniques.