Stress & Mental Health @ Work: Proactive Solutions Forum 2009 – Documentation

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With two thirds of managers reporting an increase in stress over the past three months (Roffey Park’s Management Survey), it is apparent that top down buy in to stress management and reduction is essential to nurture a healthy, motivated and empowered workforce. Whether the causes of employee stress are poor colleague relations, financial worries, job insecurity or poor work-life balance it is vital these triggers are dealt with. Doing so now will ensure no further detriment to future productivity and sickness absence.

The 6th Annual Stress and Mental Health @ Work: Proactive Solutions Forum 2009 provides transferable stress and mental health tools to counteract the current rise in anxiety, negative pressures and job insecurity, when you need it most. You will be given the opportunity to hear interactive case studies from organisations leading the way in stress and mental health management including HSE, Unilever, Towry Law and BP. Buy this conference presentation and you will be able to develop a programme that fits the unique needs of your organisation.

You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF).

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You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF), clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button above.


The “Stress & Mental Health @ Work: Proactive Solutions Forum 2009″ conference documentation includes the following sessions:

Session 1

Commitment, Positivity and Investing in Mental Health

Brian Oldham, Group Manager for Health and Safety

Somerset County Council

Session 2

Alleviating Stress through Cultural Change and Valuing the Individual

Alex Rickard, HR Director

Towry Law

Session 3

Supporting, Engaging and Managing Stress through Organisational Change

Alison Dunn, Head of Treatment Services

Transport for London

Session 4

Pressure and Resilience: Proactive Prevention

Matthew Hawkins, Occupational Health Operations Manager

Unilever UK

Session 5

Pressure Management: The Tools to Maintain Productivity and Reduce Stress

Angela Whitehead, Health Manager, One Health


Session 6

Rehabilitation and the Health of the Minds in your Organisation

Steve Walter, Health Safety Climate & Environment Adviser

Rehabilitation Case Study

Session 7

Stress on a Shoe-String: Providing a Supportive Framework with Limited Resources

Sara Phelps, HR Support Services Manager Stroud & Swindon

Building Society

Train Your Team

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