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The latest CIPD annual report found that stress is the most common cause of long-term absence in non-manual workers, costing organisations around £3.7 billion annually. 20% of employers also saw an increase in mental health problems amongst their workforce over the last year, highlighting the urgent need for employers to invest in the mental wellbeing of their workforce. But with so much emphasis on stress ‘management’ and reducing the effects and consequences of mental health problems, what about prevention being better than cure?

This event is aimed at helping you take a proactive approach to tackling the real problems facing your workplace.

You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF).



You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF), clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button above.


The “Stress and Mental Health @ Work″ conference documentation includes the following sessions:

Session 1

Introduction and Opening by Conference Chair

Peter Kelly, Higher Occupational Health Psychologist

Health and Safety Executive

Session 2

Stopping Stress in its Tracks: Understanding Stress and Practical Tips for Prevention

Ann McCracken, Chair

International Stress Management Association

Session 3

Preventative Measures and Early Intervention

Alan Davis, Director of HR and Workforce Development South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS

Foundation Trust

Session 4

Linking CBT and Personal Energy Management

Claire Barbary, Global Wellness Adviser

BG Group

Session 5

Early Intervention

Richard Reid Counsellor

Transport for London

Session 6

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Amanda Owen, Group Head of Safety, Health & Wellbeing and Diversity

Royal Bank of Scotland

Session 7

Preventing the Rise of Stress due to Organisational Change

Colin Bottle, Group Chief Operating Officer Publishing

Technology Plc

Session 8

Looking at the Current Legal Climate and Best Practice

Guy Hollebon, Director, Head of Employment

Bevans Solicitors


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