RPO and e-Recruitment Summit 2010 – Documentation

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In the current economy everyone is doing more than ever to succeed. To ensure that your business grows you need to recruit the right talent with the right set of skills and culture fit. As employers try to find the right people to take their organisations forward a more flexible approach to hiring is being adopted. More and more organisations are building their online profiles, their employer brand and choosing carefully targeted outsourcing to ensure the right people are in the right place.

The RPO and e-Recruitment Forum 2010 will provide you with the tools to re-invigorate your recruitment process and attract key talent. The event features expert analysis from Aviva, Orange, Santander, and the Civil Service, to name but a few, who will share practical insights to improve your recruitment process.

You can purchase the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF).

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You can purchase a pdf of the conference documentation as provided to delegates, including the presentation slides (as a PDF), clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button above.


The “RPO and e-Recruitment Summit 2010″ conference documentation includes the following sessions:

Session 1

Streamlining your Recruitment Model

Sally Hunter, Consultant


Session 2

Recruit with Quality in Mind

Jacques Bossonney, Sales EMEA


Session 3

Rolling Out e-Recruitment across the Civil Service

David Pearson, Project Manager Recruitment Workstream, Next Generation HR Programme

Civil Service

Session 4

Talent Attraction and Acquisition

Greg Allen, Head of Recruitment


Session 5

Renewing your agreements and changing your approach to outsourcing

Jayne Houlihan, Former Head of

Resourcing Santander

Session 6

Maximising Efficiencies Through a Centralised Resourcing Strategy

Neil Cox, Senior Resourcing

Manager Network Rail

Train Your Team

Online Courses