Promoting Diversity and Inclusion – Thursday 7th July 22

Elearning - Live Online Course

3 Hours - Thursday, 7th July 2022

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When it comes to people, culture and diversity, organisations often look to HR to provide the key.

Human Resource professionals need an understanding of what the complete journey to diversity and inclusion looks like. A lot of organisations run isolated training events, which feedback has shown, lacks authenticity and sustainability. HR must guide the business to deliver a real and sustainable change.

This thought-provoking 3-hour workshop lets you review, and deepen, your knowledge, and ability, to promote Diversity and Inclusion within your organisation.

We will have an open and constructive conversation about what it is, what it could be, and how your organisation can work toward harnessing the true value, a breadth of diversity can deliver.

We will demystify terminology, give you advice to follow and provide tools to help you promote EDI for boards, leaders, managers and teams who need to embed good practice and engage, motivate and drive performance.

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“Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.”

Josh Bersin

Who Is the Course For?

HR Professionals looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding. The course is designed for HRBPs and HR managers who are looking to discuss how to promote and embed Diversity and Inclusion across the board.


Why Take the Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Course?

As a result of this workshop, you will:

  • Have a compelling case for action, and change, within your organisation
  • Be more confident in how you communicate about diversity and inclusion
  • Drive engagement from your HR role with innovative implementation ideas that make a difference
  • Know what a journey plan of activities will include
  • Make a tangible difference to the diversity and inclusive practices within your organisation

What is the Format?

Remote live learning.  The course takes place live at a specific time, with booked attendees participating remotely.  The course is not pre-recorded and cannot be watched ‘on demand’ at a later date.  Participation is essential!

Duration: 3 hours.

The Promoting Diversity and Inclusion as an HR Professional Course Agenda

  • Case for Action
    How diverse and inclusive organisations outperform those who aren’t
  • Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) or Equality Impact Assessments (EIP) – How to apply policies through an inclusion lens
    How impact assessments work and its application to general business
  • Influencing your organisation
    How does human resources influence culture via succession planning leadership, engagement, talent management, employee relations reviews and objective setting and ultimately performance?
  • Case Management
    How do you view cases related to a protected characteristic and  how to support line managers to identify bias in practices
  • Using Data
    Workforce transformation via data collection
  • Demystifying Terminology
    Using appropriate terms and reviewing what you feel comfortable with
  • Network Formation
    How to encourage diverse networking and what it means to build an inclusive culture
  • Inclusive Recruitment
    Avoiding biased hiring – how to eat the elephant when it comes to biased recruiting practices

Trainer Phil NewmanPhil Newman BA (Hons)

Phil is an accomplished and tenacious learning consultant and facilitator with a solid background of providing strategic leadership in the development and management of a range of collaborative partnerships.

He has extensive experience in decision making at board-level, best practice approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, finance and budget control, project management, policy formulation, process improvement, and relationship building with senior stakeholders.

He is a proven industry leader with an engaging working style including developing, coaching, and mentoring cross-functional teams. Highlights of Expertise • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion • Employability • Mental Health and Wellbeing • Project Management • Teamwork and Capability Building • Customer Service • Enhancement of Digitalisation Initiatives • Finance and Budget Control • Stakeholder Engagement • People Leadership and Development Career Experience.

To cite one example : Phil recently led on the development of a metric, comprised of several complex data sets that created benchmarks for recruitment of a diverse and reflective state of candidates based upon the labour market population.

As an equality, diversity and inclusion consultant Phil has successfully advised a plethora of companies across all sectors, including FTSE 100, to plan, author and implement D&I strategies, policies and initiatives with measurable, reportable success.

Areas of expertise include board and executive team development achieving cultural change and policy development. Phil has also developed a range of bespoke training approaches. He has designed and facilitated sessions covering White Allyship, Anti-Racism, Anti-Discrimination, Privilege and Intersectionality, Imposter Syndrome, as well as a broad range of EDI courses incl. Equality Impact Assessments, Disability Confident Employer 1-3, Neurodiversity, Women Times Top 50 Awards and Athena Swan/Stonewall.


Are there Any Pre-course Requirements?

As preparation for the workshop, you will complete a short self-assessment questionnaire

You will read some corresponding information, and complete a few questions to capture your initial reflections.

This will ensure you maximise the potential learning available during the live session.


Will the Trainee Receive any Post Course Assets?

Yes.  A fact sheet will be made available with a bibliography of books, links, talks, or webinars related to the topic.


Do I have to have a grounding knowledge in EDI to attend?

No, the pre-reading includes a grounding knowledge, so that everyone has a consistent basic knowledge and understanding. This is so we can focus on how to make a difference to your organisation – regardless of size or sector.


Is this training sector specific? as it includes Equality Impact Assessments (EIA’s)?

No, although EIAs are mandatory for Public Sector orgs, or commercial orgs providing a public service, they are an example of best practice and should be used to demonstrate intentions towards an inclusive culture.


Who Are LSM?

HRreview is working with our partner Learning Solutions Matter to provide this course.  You may therefore notice LSM mentioned on correspondence and receipts etc.