Coaching Skills: A Handbook

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“A straightforward approach to the simple art of coaching conversations, while offering insight into the complexity and sophistication of coaching for those looking to take their practice to the next level.” Dr Jonathan Passmore “Coaching Skills is much more than just a book containing a wide portfolio of tools, techniques and concepts, brilliantly supported by many case studies. It is a book for practitioners who will find here a profound and accessibly-presented analysis of the most important models, theories and results of research, with detailed links to coaching as well as guidelines on how to deal with the difficult situations and dilemmas faced by coaches.” Dorota Porazka, Managing Partner of DORADCA Consultants Ltd “Jenny Rogers writes with enviable elegance and simplicity about the skills that coaches need. This third edition is a testament to her belief that coaches never stop learning. In this edition she shares the fruits of her recent reading and experiences. There is a good deal of new material, including a chapter on advances in neuroscience, new insights from the recent coaching literature and new models to consider. But Jenny wears her erudition lightly. She takes the reader by the hand through a complex journey, sharing the excitement of her discoveries but not overwhelming with detail. Her strong personal voice comes through in every sentence, understanding, encouraging, pragmatic. I read it from cover to cover in a weekend, and know I will be back to reread before long.” Lis Paice, NHS Mentor of the Year, 2010 “Jenny Roger’s clear writing style, straight-forward approach and case examples allow for insight into the coaching process and a glimpse at the learning that occurs for both client and coach. This edition offers even more with enhancements to previous writing and a chapter specifically focused on the brain. Whether you are a coach – new or experienced, a manager or simply interested in learning more about what we do as coaches, this is a m

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