Welcome to the Employee Engagement Special Edition home page. Our special edition runs for a whole week and takes a look at the key employee engagement issues and trends in 2016.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place,” wrote George Bernard Shaw, and anyone who has taken the time to thumb through the endless letters the writer exchanged with Mrs Pat Campbell will know that Shaw was a man who valued correspondence dearly. When it comes to the hot button issue of employment engagement, communication has a critical part to play.

Effective internal communication is, of course, key when it comes to achieving anything of note in business. Eloquent top down communication allows employees to believe in management, to believe that management is approachable and interested in addressing their problems. Engaging with employees matters because it promotes, in turn, better performance.

A happy employee makes a productive employee as the old adage goes. In this Special Edition we turn our
attention squarely to the issue of employee engagement. Can it be handled in a better manner? How is it changing HR practice?

Employee Engagement Special Edition 2016

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Engagement-Illustration_RGB-300x300This special edition is a media partner at Symposium Events' Employee Engagement Summit 2016. 

The conference has now finished, but if you'd like to attend 'virtually' you can still listen to and view the presentations here.

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Our next special edition and focus week runs from 4 - 8 April, when we will be looking at the key area of health at work.

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