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Sudan Vitale

Susan Vitale

Susan Vitale
Susan Vitale joined iCIMS in 2005 and serves as the company's Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, Susan is ultimately responsible for the iCIMS brand across prospective and existing customers, industry influencers, candidates and employees. Susan also plays an active role in the company’s portfolio and pricing strategies, helping to ensure iCIMS’ products and services remain on the pulse of the ever-changing HR technology landscape. Having been in the HR technology space for nearly a decade, Susan serves as the spokesperson for iCIMS, the industry’s largest talent acquisition software provider, and speaks across the U.S. and U.K. on hiring technology trends, recruitment marketing, millennials and social recruiting.

Daniel Connacher

Daniel Connacher

Daniel Connacher

Daniel joined Euromoney Institutional Investor in July 2011 and is responsible for recruitment and training operations across the company’s portfolio.

Before joining Euromoney Daniel worked in various HR and workforce management roles.


The importance of standardising your recruitment process

Many UK companies highlight that one of their main recruitment issues is the centralisation and standardisation of their overall recruitment process. If these processes are not standardised companies can lose not only time and money, but the opportunity to locate and hire the right personnel. Even the most simple things, like the word ‘hire’ can have a variety of definitions within the same company causing confusion and inefficiencies. Software can help solve these issue and structure the recruitment process so all information is in one place and there is a streamlined process to find, hire, and retain top talent.

This webinar will take you through the key stages of centralizing your recruitment process, explain the benefits of standardisation and examine a case study, the process they went through and some of the lessons learned.


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