Women enjoy their jobs more than men

Women enjoy their jobs more than men despite the gender pay gap, feeling less rewarded, developed and empowered.

Engaging Works which was founded by Lord Mark Price found that 69.4 per cent of women enjoy their jobs compared to 66.8 per cent of men.  Even though recent research showed it will take another 100 years to close the gender pay gap.

However, women do feel less rewarded at work, with 60.6 per cent saying they feel rewarded compared to 61.6 per cent of men. They also feel less developed than men with 59.5 per cent of working females feeling they are being developed compared to 60.7 per cent of men. As well as less empowered at work with 64.8 per cent of women against 66.6 per cent of men.

Women also feel as if they are less trusted than men with 67.9 per cent saying they feel trusted compared to 69.1 per cent of men.

Still, women are happier than men when it comes to their working hours, with 73.1 per cent saying this in contrast to 71.4 per cent.

Women working in the business and management services sector are the happiest, with an eight out of 10 happiness rating compared to women working in IT roles with 5.84.

Lord Mark Price said:

Women aren’t getting what they need in both practical and emotional terms to do their job well.  As we prepare to enter a new decade, I suggest three areas that employers need to focus on to ensure a happier female workforce- empowerment, development and reward.  It’s vital employers address these areas in order for there to be equality and balance in the workplace.

Earlier this year (October) Engaging Works research found the UK to be the eight happiest workplaces in the world. The first place went to Romania, second to Belgium and third to Italy. In 2018, the UK came in at tenth.

In order to gather these results Engaging Works surveyed over 10,000 people worldwide.