Workplace worries can damage sleep, says expertAn expert has warned that ongoing concerns over job security and the state of the economic recovery could have a negative effect on sleep patterns, damaging employee performance.

Jessica Alexander from the Sleep Council explained that many workers are worried about what the future holds in this time of economic uncertainty and advised those struggling to get the adequate amount of rest to consider a fresh approach.

"All of us need to find that thing or things which helps us to switch off," she said. "People will find their own levels of sleep that suits them and some people need more sleep than others."

Ms Alexander added that there is not a "one-size-fits-all" guide to precisely how much sleep individuals should be getting and acknowledged that a significant proportion of people find it difficult to obtain sufficient rest.

Last week, a study released by private healthcare firm Bupa revealed that sleep deprivation among British workers is costing businesses up to £1.6 billion per year.

Posted by Ross George