Depression may lead to absence management problemsEven when they have been successfully treated, employees who suffer from depression could cause problems in terms of absence management for their employees, it has been reported.

According to Thomson Reuters, workers suffering from the condition take more days off sick than their healthy counterparts, as even after taking antidepressants, the illness can impact on productivity.

A study by Sanofi Aventis claims managers could benefit from improved treatments for their staff members who are experiencing depression, as such therapies could actually result in savings for employers, Reuters reports.

Suellen Curkendall, director of outcomes research at Thomson Reuters, said: “Despite the widely acknowledged effectiveness of antidepressant therapy, productivity costs related to depression persist even after patients receive treatment.”

It is believed this could be due to either the patients not responding well to the first antidepressant they are prescribed or failing to take their medication.

Ann McCracken, chair of the International Stress Management Association UK, recently advised managers and HR staff dealing with a workforce under stress to ensure they communicate with their employees and take care not to overload them with work.