Over half of UK workers (51%) feel uncomfortable taking a day off work due to stress despite almost two thirds believing that stress is an illness, shows research from Time4Sleep.co.uk.

The survey of 1,019 people revealed that work is the main source of stress for adults, with over half (53%) saying that their job elevates their stress levels.

Jonathan Warren, Director at Time4Sleep, said:

“The results of our survey show that despite the majority of people seeing stress as an illness, many of us are unwilling to speak about it in the workplace. In fact, just 4% said they turn to their boss when they’re stressed despite work being the biggest cause of stress for adults and only one in 10 speak to colleagues.

“Stress leads to a variety of health issues, including sleeping problems and difficulty concentrating, and it’s important to recognise the symptoms early.”

11.3 million working days are lost each year as result of mental ill-health including stress, depression or anxiety, according to the Health and Safety Executive.

Workplace relationships were reported to be the biggest cause of stress at work, with 34 percent blaming colleague relationships and 36 percent saying a demanding boss is their biggest concern.

Long working hours were also revealed to be a significant cause of stress for 33% of those polled.