Employees eating at their desks could be causing illness

Employees eating at their desks could be causing illness

A new survey of 3,000 office workers has revealed that 72 percent of employees opt to eat lunch at their desks, despite the risk of spreading bacteria. The survey also found that as many as 31 percent of workers go into the office while suffering with infectious illnesses such as flu.

The research, which was conducted by office supply chain Staples, found that well over half of employees blame a heavy workload for not feeling able to take time off when sick.

The survey also highlighted the risks of eating lunch at desks, which can, over time, expose workers to harmful bacteria. Staples found that 72 percent of those surveyed opted to eat at their desks on a weekly basis. A higher amount of women (74 percent) choose to eat at their desks compared to 64 percent of male respondents.

Monica Mauri, vice president and head of HR at Staples Europe said of the study: “What we’re seeing is a worrying number of workers who feel the need to come into the office when sick.

”Employers need to make workers aware of the importance of staying home when ill, especially when it’s infectious.”