Police officers have been warned to take care of fallen leavesHealth and safety advice made available by the HR team at West Midlands Police has been labelled as "patronising", it is reported.

Officers at the force were warned of the weather conditions which could prove a hazard while they were on duty, including bright sunshine, slippery autumn leaves and icy roads.

The report revealed that between April and August of 2009, 17 members of police staff and 66 officers had reported tripping, falling or slipping while they were on duty.

Speaking to Police Review, Andy Gilbert, chairman of West Midlands Police Federation, said: "While we welcome anything that enhances officer safety, there is a clear danger here of being patronising and stating the bleeding obvious."

He added that keeping officers safe would be best served by making sure that staff levels were high enough to avoid any shortages.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph has reported that Metropolitan Police has been accused in an employment tribunal of racial discrimination.