'These are unprecedented times', employers have a lot of work to do

“These are unprecedented times and employers have a lot to get to grips with.” This is the opinion of Brett Hill, distribution director at Towergate Health & Protection.

Mr Hill said:

These are unprecedented times and employers have a lot to get to grips with. Bearing the brunt of a lot of this change are employees themselves. The first consideration in the wake of Coronavirus is physical wellbeing, but staff need much fuller support if they’re expected to work from home, and to remind them that they’re still part of the team.

Understanding that it may take a toll on their mental health and thinking through some of the ways pressure can be alleviated, will help employees to manage themselves more effectively in the short and longer term. With many employers scrambling for solutions, to the multitude of challenges Coronavirus has presented, health and wellbeing benefits can lighten some of the load, supporting employees to manage their mental wellbeing more effectively.

Another important aspect whilst remote working is tech support. As Mr Hill explained that there are “few things more stressful than tech not working. And without a colleague from the IT team able to come and help at home, the stress can be magnified.” Employers need to ensure that their staff has all the necessary support they need with the technology they are using.

Mr Hill also mentioned the importance of remote meetings and said:

Communication with others is particularly important right now, so it’s important it works well. Set an agenda, lay out some ground rules at the start of each meeting, give everyone an opportunity to speak as each point is discussed, agree concise action points and follow these up by email to all attendees. Providing structure and clarity during a time that can feel like freefall, can help anchor employees in the present and keep anxiety at bay. If regular meetings were held in the office on certain days then make sure you continue holding the same meetings virtually, on the same days – as comfort can be drawn from the familiar too.

David Price, CEO of Health Assured on the 19/03/20 gave his top tips on how employees can keep mentally healthy during remote working.