Three people have been left severly burnt after fire erupted on waste management site based in Lancashire.

It took sixty fire fighters to tackle the blaze at PHS waste management plant. This incident injured three persons who were taken to a hospital due to the burns on the face and the hands.

With the fire smoke forming clouds at a height of about 100 ft vertically, it was visible miles away. It was declared as Operation Merlin that calls for a multi-agency action to any incident that is probable to harm the environment.

One of the spokesperson, PHS said that the Lancashire fire and Rescue has been able to put the fire off and are in the process of cleaning up of the site. All the other works at the site have been closed down and the place is isolated. The PHS will commence internal Investigations and they are also willing to help the external bodies involving in the investigations to find the cause of explosion so that it does not occur

A full investigation will is now under way to ascertain the primary cause of the explosion.