Only one in five workers take advantage of their right to request flexible working

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Only a fifth (23%) of UK workers have acted upon their right to request flexible working since the government legislation was introduced six months ago.

New research from O2 business reveals that despite over half of workers surveyed (54%) being aware of their right to flexible working, many feel that barriers such as lack of trust (31%), business culture (28%) and a lack of resources to work outside the office (28%) prevent them from taking advantage of it.

Paul Lawton, general manager of SMB for O2 Business said:

“It’s encouraging to see more people becoming aware of the right to request legislation since it came into force in June. However, our research shows that the pressure to be seen in the office and a lack of tools to enable remote working are still preventing the benefits that working flexibly brings, such as improved morale, high levels of employer loyalty and productivity gains.

There is now a great choice of business technology and tools available to make this way of working commonplace in 2015 and beyond.”

Just 12 percent of respondents thought their organisation was likely to embrace flexible working in 2015.

Flexible working

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  1. I’m obviously feeling optimistic today, but those numbers don’t look too bad to me. Almost half of people who are aware of their right to request flexible working have taken advantage of it. Bearing in mind that a lot of people will be happy with their work schedule, that’s a pretty good take-up rate.

  2. I have been request for a flexible working for the last four years
    It’s always been turn turned down for their own selfish reasons. Three years ago I had an injury which occurred whilst working in the office. Even going to the hospital for physiotheraphy, blood test and my GP because of painful situation all cause by this injury; my request has always been turned down. Other members of staff when they request are readily agreed because they have children or grandchildren. I have to even pay the time I spend at the hospitals or my GP! This is the NHS I am talking about. I have even involved the unions because I am a member of Unison, they also could not help me. I am now about the lose my job because I cannot really perform the duties I used to such as filing lifting big boxes, archiving documents, site visits and running around like I used to. Everything is very bad for here in my work place. At the moment I have no job all day long, isolated and no manager. I find it boring demoralising, frustrating and very stressful and has made my injury worse and my whole well being has deteriorated. I have no one to turn to. Unison knows about my case but has never helped or supported me. I have no one turn to!

    Best regards


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your situation Asha, it’s really bad luck. Has your employer made no effort to find other tasks for you to do? Perhaps moving your role to another department?

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