Motivate staff with the Great British (small business) bake off

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Workers highlighted that if their employers offered food and drink at work, it would bring a slice of happiness to their day. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Over a quarter (27%) of UK small business workers highlighted that if their employers offered food and drink at work, it would bring a slice of happiness to their day, according to statistics released by Sage One this week.

At the top of the small business wish list is music, closely followed by flexible hours and then chatting with colleagues. As a typically innovative bunch, start-ups and small business should be providing these basics to ensure they’re attracting and retaining talent.

Lisa Ewens, Category Manager at Sage One:

“Mobile working allows businesses to work across multiple devices from various locations and offers the ease that comes with running your business outside of the standard 9-5. It means people can treat anywhere as their office and aren’t restricted by the confines of a traditional working environment or routine.”

Sage One is urging small business owners to focus on important morale-boosting tactics and to spend less time and money on the ‘added extras’ that go unnoticed. Almost 90 percent of small business workers don’t appreciate pictures, plants and other decorations in the office. With music so high on the agenda, a Spotify subscription is likely to bring more smiles into the office than a Damien Hurst. With over 40 percent of workers pining after flexible hours, embracing mobile working and investing in the technology that encourages and allows for this, is equally key.

The rise of mobile working, widespread Wi-Fi coverage across the UK, the proliferation of devices and the latest generation of software provides workers with the tools to conduct their business from wherever they are. This means that huge numbers of people now have the basic tools they need to work from anywhere, at any time.

As an ambassador of the benefits of mobile and flexible working and happy small businesses, Sage is encouraging business owners to create an enjoyable working experience for their employees.

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