New fit notes have been introducedThe majority of employers do not believe that the introduction of new fit notes will help them in terms of absence management, new research has found.

According to figures from Kronos, only 22 per cent of employers in both public and private sector organisations believe that the notes will help them to reduce absence levels, while 38 per cent predict the system will cause more problems than it solves.

Today (April 6th) will see fit notes replacing the traditional sick notes, which will outline the work an employee can still manage with their condition, as part of the government’s aim to reduce long-term sickness absence.

However, Employee Benefits reports that the survey found 64 per cent of respondents have still not received any guidance on how to manage the new system, with 26 per cent claiming a lack of employee understanding and information will be the main barrier to its success.

Simon Macpherson, senior director business development and operations of Kronos UK, said: "I very much hope the fit note has the same positive effect that many organisations already achieve by closely monitoring absence levels and patterns of behaviour and nipping the problem in the bud by conducting timely return-to-work interviews."

Posted by Colette Paxton