HSE is looking to acquire scores of new health and safety inspectorsThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is reportedly seeking to hire another 52 inspectors and has already started its recruitment drive through a civil service website, according to a report.

An article in the Sun claimed successful applicants could be paid as much as £72,000 per year, despite the coalition government’s plan to impose a freeze on new public sector jobs while spending cutbacks are being considered.

“These are all frontline essential posts in industries where the consequences of health and safety incidents can be devastating,” a spokeswoman for the HSE said. “The process is fully in line with government policy.”

In an online advert, the organisation warned would-be safety inspectors of the possible challenges they could face if successful and acknowledged that “not everyone” is likely to be receptive to the advice provided.

Last month, the HSE successfully prosecuted confectionery giant United Biscuits for health and safety failures at a plant in Halifax, with the firm ordered to pay £10,000 after an incident in which an employee lost two fingers.

Posted by Colette Paxton