Health 'should not be taboo subject'Discussing health and safety concerns in the workplace should not be considered a taboo subject, one sector commentator has asserted.

Mike Petrook, head of communications at the Chartered Management Institute, said research has revealed only one in three people are reporting their own illnesses to their line managers.

He added this clearly meant there was a need for training among line managers to help them deal with these issues, but "at the same time there needs to be a greater level of employee engagement so that staff feel that they can turn to their HR department, for example if a situation like this arises".

Mr Petrook explained this would encourage staff to not only have an open and honest relationship with their line manager, but also promote the idea that the HR department can offer additional support.

He went on to recommend creating a culture where discussing health concerns was no longer taboo, which could help to boost employee productivity in the long run.

Mr Petrook’s comments come after a study from mental health charity Rethink revealed 59 per cent of UK workers admit they would feel uncomfortable talking to their line manager if they had a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Posted by Cameron Thomson