UK workers are happier than they have been all year, with four in ten UK workers claiming to be happy, up 8% on last quarter according to research from Office Angels.

This is a much more positive picture than this time last year, when only just over a third (37%) described themselves as happy, while a quarter (24%) were distinctly unhappy. In contrast, just a fifth (20%) claimed to be unhappy, as opposed to nearly a third (30%) last quarter.

16-24 is the most satisfied age group, with over half (54%) claiming to be happy. The research found that while youth unemployment is increasing, those 16-24 year olds in work are getting happier.

Older workers are also more positive. The over 55s were the happiest age group last quarter with 44% claiming to be happy. This improved during the summer – now nearly half (49%) are happy.

A regional focus reveals mixed levels of happiness

Londoners are the happiest – over half (52%) are happy, 8% higher than national average. Welsh workers are also happier than national average – 47% claimed to be happy. Workers in the East Midlands are the least happy nationally – a quarter (25%) say they are unhappy – followed closely by workers in the South West – 22% are unhappy.

Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director at Office Angels said:

“It seems from our research that overall the UK workforce is getting happier. The UK has experienced a remarkable summer. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics were, bar a few inevitable rain showers, runaway successes. Whether our increased happiness was the result of the golden summer is impossible to say, but with a more positive outlook for the jobs market than there has been for some time, hopefully this is a happy trend set to continue”.