The BSIA has published a guide to help employers understand their responsibilities towards lone workers. 

‘Lone Workers – An Employers’ Guide’ provides employers with easy-to-follow advice about British Standard BS8484 – the Code of Practice for the provision of Lone Worker Services – and what they should look for when sourcing a supplier.

Alex Carmichael, Technical Director at the BSIA, comments: “With over 6 million people in the UK working in isolation or without direct supervision, this guide recognises the importance of keeping such employees safe and secure.

“Responsible employers will consider the health and safety of their lone workers as a top priority, and the use of lone worker devices can help by connecting such employees with an emergency response system that has direct links to the Police. BS8484 is the basis on which Police respond to lone worker systems, so it’s important for employers to choose a supplier who works to these standards.”

Through its work with British Standards, the BSIA has been instrumental in the creation of the code of practice for lone worker services and played a key role in the development of BS8484 by raising awareness through its Lone Worker focus group. 

Alex continues, “The BSIA and its members have been at the forefront of the drive to raise standards and awareness of lone worker systems. BSIA members meet strict corporate requirements, so customers who source lone worker services from them can be confident that they will receive quality advice and an excellent service.”

Employers can download the guide for free by clicking here and searching for form number 288.