Bupa has completed a study of 2,000 people in full-time employment in the UK and found that many people are struggling to keep to lifestyle goals, with 52 percent admitting that changes generally last no longer than a few weeks, and just 7 percent being completely successful in changing how they live for the better. Two in five respondents name low willpower as the reason they are being held back from change, with 40 percent blaming their busy lives from being able to get fitter.
85 percent of respondents claimed they would be more productive at work if they were able to stick to their health and wellbeing resolutions. The study also found that what employees need in order to be more productive and feel healthier is support: in particular goal setting (34 percent), rewards (29 percent), self-monitoring (24 percent), peer support (20 percent), and competition (19 percent).
Respondents are most likely to currently trying to change their lifestyles by:
  • Exercising more (65 percent)
  • Losing weight (61 percent)
  • Eating less sugar (48 percent)
  • Managing stress (36 percent)
  • Drinking less alcohol (36 percent)