LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, today announced that it has passed 20 million members in the UK. The network has more than 400 million members and has offices around the world and the milestone means that nearly six in ten members (58 percent) of the UK’s workforce are now on the platform.

LinkedIn’s UK member base, which has grown by almost 17 million since 2009, is drawn from across the country, with London, Birmingham, Manchester, Reading and Glasgow the most represented cities on the platform. And when it comes to the skills that are in demand by UK recruiters, sales and marketing topped the list of the most sought after.

“LinkedIn’s 20 million members in the UK represent 20 million potential candidates for employers, making LinkedIn the unrivalled platform for businesses of all sizes to engage and recruit the best candidates. This huge pool of talent highlights the need for companies to invest in their employer brand, making sure they stand out from the crowd attract the professional talent that they need,” said Chris Brown, LinkedIn’s UK director of Talent Solutions.

According into LinkedIn’s data insights, the top five most represented industries on LinkedIn are IT & services, construction, hospital & healthcare, retail, financial services.

The top five most popular destinations for talent leaving the UK are the USA, Australia, India, France and South Africa.

Top five most searched for skills by recruiters on LinkedIn are Sales, marketing, Java, recruitment and HR.