UK contractors say that Brexit will seriously harm their careers

Over half (58 per cent) of UK contractors are very concerned that Brexit, whatever form it takes, will harm their careers, according to new research.

There are around 1.77 million full-time contractors in the UK, bringing a staggering £119 billion to the UK economy.

However a new report found that nearly two thirds (59 per cent) of UK contractors think Brexit will negatively impact the work they do in the UK – with half (50 per cent) believing there will be a lack of contractor job openings available in their field post Brexit*.

The study further found that 38 percent believe their income will decline in the aftermath of Brexit.

A quarter (25 per cent) of respondents fear there will be restrictions on getting work visas for European countries, with 44 percent saying this will impact the contracting work they are able to do in the EU. Overwhelmingly, British contractors (69 per cent) do not think Brexit will benefit their careers or create opportunities for contractors in the future.

Anthony Sherick, MD of ContractorUK commented on the findings,

Contractors are crucial for plugging the widening IT skills gap, delivering crucial projects and fuelling growth in the digital economy. If we do not ensure that contractors are protected from the potential negative fallout of Brexit, we risk damaging not only their personal careers and lives but the UK economy as a whole. The government and businesses must recognise that contracting’s success enhances the UK’s global appeal. Contractors must be provided reassurances for their future post Brexit.

*The report is written and released by ContractorUK