Top paying graduate schemes in the UK

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Top paying graduate schemes in the UK

The top ten best paying graduate schemes in the UK have been released with nearly a £7,000 difference between the highest paying and lowest paying on the list.

The list was compiled by CV-Library, an independent job board.

1. IT – £25,518.562.
2. Engineering – £24,785
3. Property – £24,382
4. Consultancy – £24,250
5. Sales – £23,117
6. Marketing – £22,145
7. Finance – £21,916
8. Customer Service – £21,583
9. Recruitment – £20,341
10. Education – £18,907


Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library said:

Our research follows a recent study that we conducted on the best places to live and work in for graduates. Unsurprisingly the most skilled and technical industries that require in-depth training are offering the highest wages. With hundreds of thousands of candidates all gunning for these roles, employers will hopefully be spoilt for choice on who to shortlist. <

However, if your business fits into one of the lower-paid industries, don’t worry. There is more you can offer besides a high salary to entice candidates. Offering flexible working and a whole host of other workplace perks is a great way to make your jobs more attractive, so be sure to make good use of these!

The sector with the highest amount of graduate jobs advertised on CV-Library is sales with a 24.2 per cent share, followed by recruitment with a 15.5 per cent share, IT (12.5 per cent), engineering (7.9 per cent) and marketing (7.1 per cent).

CV-library analysed thousands of live job vacancies on their site in order to collate this data.

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